120 hours




The purpose of our installation is to communicate the journey from plastic as a functional material to waste. The pavilion is created as a path, leading from the human made city center of Oslo to a polluted ocean filled with plastic. It in this space the transition happens.

The pavilion is constructed by eight reinforced frames which both support the structure as trusses and works as an exhibition space. Inside the frames there are two glass windows with slightly opaque prints, that illustrates microplastics and the way it breaks up rather than down, narrating the story of plastic as a waste material. The roof on the other hand, focuses on the functional and esthetic qualities within plastic. It is made from recycled plastic, which gives a marble-like appearance, and it is rounded to filter the light, attracting bystanders to the installation. Through these two contrasting elements of our installation, we aim to emphasize how plastic both can be a threat to our environment and a wonderful material at the same time. We hope this installation will generate awareness among the public by telling this story.


Collaboration                     Hauk H. Haslum

Year                                    2020